Pre-Operative Instructions

1. The patient has to indicate if has got any illnes infective or genetic like hepatitis or aids . Moreover if patient takes any drugs or medications to any illness like heart problem , diabetes ,high blood pressure or gastric etc.. and if he has got any allergy to any medicine , he should tell to the experts before operation .
2. Do not take aspirin or blood thinners medications for one week prior to your procedure .
3. Do not drink coffee or any caffeinated beverages on the day of your procedure.
4. Do not drink any alcoholic beverages for at least seven days prior to your procedure.
5. Do not take any B or E vitamins for one week before your procedure. Cause these medications will increase bleeding.
6. Avoid smoking for at least 3 days prior to your procedure .
7. Do not cut or color your hair . In addition do not apply any lotion , hair conditioner ,gels , sprays or any other styling products to your hair.
8. Wash your hair very thoroughly using your regular shampoo on the day of procedure or one day before .
9. Wear loose, comfortable clothing which does not need to be pulled on over your head. This will prevent dislodging your bandage or damaging your grafts immediately after surgery.
10. Eat breakfast in the morning of your procedure .

Post-Operative Instructions

1. When you sleep , you should use a neck pillow to elevate your head for the first 3-4 days . This will prevent swelling of the forehead .
2. After surgery itching , burning sensation or rash on your scalp is quite normal . You should not scratch your head and also do not touch to your grafts. Indeed you should protect your head from any strike and hit .
3. Do not drink alcohol , coffee or acid-containing beverages , do not smoke , do not use any drugs , do not take any vitamin supplements for the first 7 days after the procedure . Cause all these can interfere with the blood supply to the head and may interrupt blood flow to your hair follicles.
4. You should avoid from exhausting activities such as playing sports or performing exercises during 7 days . ( Playing football ,basketball,tennis , baseball ,cycling , running , hunting etc..)
5. You should stay away from sexual intercourse for 7 days .
6. You should not look downward and do not move your head to the right or left fast , particularly for the first 3 days after the procedure . Do not regularly bend over, lean forward or blow your nose violently cause these movements may cause swelling on your eyes or forehead . Also you should drink more water to avoid swelling.
7. Uncommonly swelling can appear on your forehead and eyes . When this happens , patient should be calm cause this is normal . Continue to use your medications regularly and you will see that swelling will disappear within a few days.
8. Do not use minoxidil or finasteride after hair transplant surgery . Do not apply gel or any other hair conditioner on your transplanted hair instead of this you can take vitamin pills which are recommended by the experts of hair transplant . But these vitamin pills should be taken after 15 days .
9. You should avoid sauna , sunbath ,steam bath and turkish bath for the first 15 days .
10. It is recommended to avoid swimming for 1 month .
11. After 3 weeks you can shave your donor area but only for fix your hairs . You should not shave transplanted area during 6 months and you never use a razor . But ıf you need to cut your transplanted hairs , you may only use the clippers for do it .
12. After hair transplant surgery within 15-20 days shock loss will happen . When shock loss begins , patient should stay calm cause this period is normal in hairtransplant procedure . The reason of shock loss is that hair follicles can start a new growth cycle . Completion of shock loss may dure about 1 or 2 month . In this period the first hair follicles which have been falled start to grow new hair follicles . Approximately after 3 months new hair follicles start to grow more healthy and bright . At the end of 6 th month hairs will be grown 65 % – 70 % . Hairs continue to grow till twelfth month and after one year of the procedure all hairs will be grown completely .

You should start to wash your hair in the third day after hair transplant surgery and the hairs should be washed once a day during 15 days . If the washing is done correctly as described to the patient , the scabs typically will disappear within a few days and hairs will become to natural appearance.


    You should apply the lotion on transplanted area with slowly and then you should wait around 20-30 minutes. While you are applying the lotion you have to be careful not to damage the grafts . The patient should touch gently on recipient area and if it is possible he can use sterile gloves .


    The shampoo that the patient will use must be a medical , chemical free shampoo helps to reach the best result and speed up the recovery process. Before applying the shampoo , the lotion in the transplanted area is rinsed with warm water. And afterwards shampoo is foamed and applied to both donor area and transplanted area . Gently touch the grafts with the shampoo in the palm of your hands and gently touch with your finger tips. Avoid any massaging of the transplanted hair at this point. But you can massage on donor area . It is necessary to massage a lot to especially donor area when washing cause with massage edema come off more faster from the body. Wait about 2-3 minutes for rinsing.


    Pay attention to that the water pressure should be reasonable and not too harsh . The water must hit your head normally . If the water comes with too much pressure , grafts may be harmed . You should rinse all shampoo on your head completely .


    Avoid using a towel or hair dryer during 2 weeks . If you want you can use only a paper towel for drying your hairs . It will suffice to touch the paper towel on your head once or twice .

After 15 days you can continue to wash your hairs normally . Though you should take care that your shampoo must be medical which you will use during 6 months .