beard transplant

Beard transplantation is a process for persons that for have beard loss or for the persons that growing no beard in their lifetime. The main reason of having no beard is genetic. Beard loss can happen due to the reasons such as scar, burnt area, false caring of the beard or diseases.
Beard transplantation process is the same with the hair transplantation process. But needs to be more careful because the

operation happens on the face area. Grafts that taken from the donor area, will be transfered and planted to the desired area. If donor area is not enough for the process, grafts can taken for transplantation from the bottom of the beard or from the chest area. If the person doesn’t have any beard, approximately 1000-3000 graft will be sufficient for the transplatation process. Under local anesthesia, person doesn’t feel any pain. No scar will be left after the operation. Healing process takes approximately 7 days. First two weeks, on the operation area, temporary loss will be seen but this is quite normal. After 15 days, beards will become in natural appearance . Growing of the beard will take 2-3 months. After 6 months, most of the beard take place. Full beard grow takes 1 year. Results are natural and permanent