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Hair loss is a type of disease occurs due to various reasons, such as weakening and thinning of hair. Hair loss can be caused by many different causes like stress, genetic factors, age, chemical substances, incorrect use of medication, chemotherapy treatment, infectious diseases, malnutrition etc. Each adult’s hair can be lost up to 50 -100 hairs a day. This rate is quite normal. But above this number is a serious problem and requires treatment.

Hair is the most important element that represents the person. Hair is the greatest accessory of both men and women. Hair loss can have a negative impact on persons self-confidence and psychology. As Eurasia team, we have achieved 24160 successful operations in hair transplantation in 10 years.

Such as channel operation, extraction and transplantation of the grafts with exact rate and angle, determining hairline is also quite important stage on hair transplantation for the perfect appearence esthetically. Because each hair and every face has a certain hair line according to its structure. Wrong Designed hairline, may result a bad appearance after hair transplantation surgery. Before operation hairline should be determined and transplanted in accordance with the face and hair structure of the person . The hairline which has quite important on hair transplant procedure is designed by the Eurasia team also considering how the patient desires.

Hair transplant surgery is a serious operation and should not be risked. Hair transplantation, which is not performed by expert teams, can create undesirable results. For this reason, the most important issue you need to decide before applying to the hair transplantation center, is which center offers you better quality and more sterile services. At this point, Eurasia Hair Transplantation Center guarantees you the best service and result. Hair transplant operation using the FUE technique provides definite solution for the hair loss problem.

Eurasia hair transplantation center, with the experience of more than 10 years and large staff with 40 persons (including 18 professional plastic surgeons and 17 professional hair transplant specialists), we serve our dear patients who prefer us from all over the world, especially from Europe continent. With the globalized world, Eurasia carries out its operations by following all the technological developments in hair transplantation published by the American and European countries including Japan. All of our operations are performed in hospital with experienced specialist team.

Our patients who came to Turkey from abroad, are picked up from the airport with our VIP cars and then are taken to their five star hotel. On the day of operation, our patients will be picked up from hotel by our VIP cars and brought to the hospital where the operation will be performed. Our medical consultants and doctors take care our patients in every respect. Once the operation is over, our patients are regularly kept under observation and all the instructions that needed are explained in detail. The quality of the service that given by us before hair transplantation will not end after the hair transplantation procedure. We offer free consultation for our patients for two years after the operation. Trust us! Your hair is our responsability.