Our 97% client satisfaction rate is unparalleled in our field.

Read below what our patients have to say and learn more about what makes us the premier provider of in-hair transplantation.

Dennis Goodliff (29)

Hi dear friends from Edinburgh. Eurasia’s doctors are one of the kindest and most talented doctors I know. Their compassion and bedside manner are super and their whole staff are so helpful and easy to work with. They are great at what they does. Congrats !

Steve Thompson (48)

Hello. I have been suffering from Alopecia for the last 8 years. I have consulted so many dermatologists for a solution but i couldn’t find any solution. Finally I found Eurasia Hairtransplant and I have done the surgery . The staff is miraculous. Eurasia makes you feel like you are not at a clinic but a friend’s house. Highly recommended

Rhys Morton (49)

I had really great experience with Eurasia Hairtransplant. I get perfect result and also my friends also have been impressed with my hair transplant. If you are really looking to get yourhairtransplant then you can choose Eurasia staff. Best Regards

Adam Joseph (36)

Thanks to Eurasia Hairtransplant. I’ve done my hairtransplant surgery 3 years ago in here. At first, i’ve doubts about country and procedure. I spoke so many clinics in Istanbul. But after a bit time and couple of information dialogues with Eurasia’s kind team, i decided to choose them and came to Turkey/ Istanbul. Their staff is so professional, knowlegable and helpful. I recommend Eurasia

Paul Gelbero (41)

My hair transplant operation went extremely well with no regrets at all. I am very happy with my new hair and treatment. Eurasia staff knows their job and I definitely recommend to everyone.Thanks a lot!

Abdul Khalid (52)

Hi. I have done hair transplant surgery 6 years ago but i wasn’t satisfied with the result. I needed the 2nd one. I searched so many clinics in Turkey / Istanbul and read lots of blog’s on various websites. In the end, i decided to give a chance to Eurasia. At first i received whole information about the procedure. Booked my flight. When I arrived to the airport, driver picked me up and carried me to the hotel. On the operation day, medical consultants helped me a lot. Operation wasn’t painful and past well. Also after the procedure staff answered all my questions attentively. I restored my visual identity with them. Thanks Eurasia family.

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