eyebrow transplant

Eyebrows can be lost due to accidents , trauma , burns or some dermatological problems . The operation of eyebrow transplant is a transplantation that hair follicles which have been extracted from the donor area to area which has not got eyebrow . Eyebrow Transplants is one of the most aesthetically challenging procedures to perform, but when done by experts, can provide an impressive result . Obtain natural

appearance is quite important factor in eyebrow transplants cause eyebrows are one of the most characteristic parts of the human face .

It is necessary to design the eyebrow line with caution and transplant the grafts with right direction and angulation of growth of eyebrow for attain a natural appearance in eyebrow transplants. Before determine eyebrow line , it is necessary to pay attention how the patient wants because each person has got different eyebrow and hair follicle. Accordingly thickness and thinness of eyebrows which will be transplanted should be compatible with hair follicles of the patient .

Also eyebrow transplant is performed by Fue method like hair transplant . The donor hairs are typically removed from the back of the head and the grafts will be placed one at a time into each recipient sites. Operation takes about 1 -2 hours cause a small amount of grafts are transplanted . The average number of grafts for an eyebrow transplant range from 100-700.